What is SCART exam conducted for? | What are the topics and subjects for the special class apprentice railway exam?

September 26th, 2010| Education.

What is SCART exam conducted for? | What are the topics and subjects for the special class apprentice railway exam?

The candidates who selected the MPC group in the intermediate and qualified with second class are eligible for the special class railway apprentice exam. The candidates should be between 17-21 years and the last date for the applications is 27th September. They can apply through www. Upsconline.nic.in and they can visit www. Upsc.gov.in for full details. The written exam will be there in English medium and there will be three papers for 600 marks. There will be negative marking for the wrong answers.

General ability test:

Present topics:

The questions will be mainly asked on the people in the news, various appointments, deaths of famous people, resignations, awards, areas in news, national and international meetings, sports – winners, various surveys and other issues in the same way. The judgment of the courts, terrorist organizations, plans and policies of the state and central development are also asked. They should read the newspapers, magazines and other books to get the knowledge in the current affairs. They should read the magazines compulsorily.


It is enough to read the English grammar which they studied in the past. They should concentrate on the tenses, verbs, synonyms, antonyms and question tags. They should practice the exercises from the wren and martin book.


They should read the formation of the constituency, victories and failures, main points about the Indian constituency, fundamental duties and rights, Indian parliament etc. it would be easy to compare the central and state governments while studying.


They should study the history from the old age to the independence struggle. They should also have the grip on the details of the first and second world wars, French revolution, industrial revolution and Russian revolution. They should compare the history of the before 100 years with the present one to remember well.


They should study the details of the increase in population rate, development of the industries, budget, banking, change in the sensex and five year plans. They should study the intermediate Telugu academy books and NCERT books.


They will ask the questions on the topics like body construction- functions, blood cells, enzymes, diseases – remedies, vitamins and other topics. In botany, the questions will be asked on plant species, growth and alternatives etc. Few questions will be related to the current affairs.

General knowledge:

They should study the important dates, persons, books – authors, devices which are used scientifically, the largest, tallest and longest ones and the names of the areas.


They should study the topics like screw gauge, gravitational force, Newton laws, artificial satellites, light reflection and refraction, magnetism and electricity and other topics. They should the issues in the intermediate and they can practice the BITSAT and EAMCET papers.


They should study the atoms and their structures, isotopes, isobars, radiology, gases, amino acids, metals etc. they should study the Telugu academy and they should also practice the EAMCET question banks to get the grip.


The topics are sets, relations, graphs, triangles, area and perimeter, heights and distances, straight lines, parallel lines, parabola and vectors.

Personality test:

The candidates who qualified in the written exam should attend the interview and the interview or personality test us conducted for 200 marks. They will test the candidate’s ability, personality and they should have the knowledge on the railways. They can work as a railway employee after two years of training.

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