Scholarships for foreign students provided by Japanese government | Importance and types of scholarships provided by Japan to the foreign students coming to their nation

August 18th, 2010| Education.

Scholarships for foreign students provided by Japanese government | Importance and types of scholarships provided by Japan to the foreign students coming to their nation

Japan is the land of rising sun.  It is the care of address for Automobiles and Electrical goods.  Toyota, Honda, Mitsubhushi, Hitachi, Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, Kenon, Casio, Fuji, Nissan, Nikon, Nippon, Mazda these all are the famous brand names of Japan electronic companies.

Japan scientists were awarded the Noble price in 2008.  On that occasion the Prime Minister of Japan had announced a ‘Three lakh foreign students scheme’.  There were nearly 1,20,000 students studying in Japan at that time.  The main aim of the scheme was to increase the number of students to 3 lakhs by 2020.  International personal exchange and more importantly by attracting foreign students, Japan is expecting to improve international relationships.  Japan is confident that by technology and skills exchange world peace is possible.

Traditions of Japan are a couple of years old.  But that country is not against modernization. It will not oppose the technical development.

It is very important to know Japanese language to study in Japan.  Because, most of the institutes offer courses in Japanese language only.   The number of Indian students in engineering courses is more.  English is the medium of teaching from post graduate level.  Japan has specially introduced ‘Global 30’ scheme for this purpose.

Japan is offering 7 different scholarships to international students studying in Japan. They are Research 33, Bachelor degree 3, Associate Degree/Diploma 3, under graduate professional Training Certificate course 8, Japanese Studies certificate Course 8, Master degree 6 and under graduate Teacher Training Certificate Course 2.  The students are not allowed to select the institute at the time of applying for scholarship.  Japanese Consulate in India decides the college according to the subject selected by the student, marks in the qualifying exam and his academic qualifications.  International Students who want to know about the awards of Japan and the scholarship programs can log on to www. for more details.

In the previous year, the number of Indian students who went to Japan for further studies is 534.  Indian students are interested in the Biotechnology programs there. Various institutes in Japan are offering courses in Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Literature, Environment, IT, Animation, Design and Games etc.  Graduation program is of 4 years duration and post graduation is of two years duration.  All the professional courses are nearly 1 – 3 years duration.  Doctorate is of 5 years duration.

The rent of an apartment in Tokyo is equal to Rs.25,000 in Indian currency.  It is better to opt for dormitories.  Occasional schools (occupational courses?) are present country wide.  They offer courses like Agriculture, Medical care and Nutrition, Education and Welfare, Business, Fashion, Home science etc.  Students who finish these courses can easily get a job here.

These graduates play a very important role in financial development of Japan.  There are some Universities in Japan which offer English programs to international students.  But one important thing is that one cannot study with his own money in Japan.  It is a proven truth that Scholarships offered by Japan government only can assist the international students who want to pursue their studies in Japan.

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