Science Exhibition Express and Science Express Schedules

February 25th, 2013| News.

Science Exhibition Express and Science Express Schedules
Science Express is one of the Rail exhibitions that is conducted to develop the knowledge for the students in the field of Science and also to inspire the students. There are nearly 300 above science topics and 150 video lessons in this rail exhibition. The samples like human body construction, Milky Way, big bang theory, and bio technology are stored in this rail exhibition for the students to understand better. This exhibition is conducted by the Max Plant Society of Germany and all the undertaking matters of this project are taken up by Vikram Sarabhai Community Science Center of Ahmadabad. This rail exhibition is started in October 2009 spread over 56 departments in various places. The students can examine some of the topics in the laboratory that is there in this rail exhibition which makes the students to understand better by live examination. This rail exhibition consists of 16 compartments where nearly ten thousand people can visit in a single day. This exhibition is called as one of the largest rail exhibition in the world.

In Ten Countries!!!
Germany occupies a special position in the field of Science and Technology. Many researches are been done by the scientists in this filed and the main aim of the MaxFlank Society is to spread the importance of Science worldwide to the students. As a part of this the first rail exhibition is started in the year 2000 in Germany. After this rail exhibition many countries like Germany, Japan and Singapore started the same project as an inspiration. In our country this rail exhibition started in the year 2007 and at present the rail express is in its third stage. This exhibition is been conducted in two stages in around 100 cities and towns for the students to gain knowledge in science and technology and it is visited by nearly 35 lakhs of people and all the samples that are arranged in the rail exhibition are designed by the Max Flank Society only.

The solutions which are given by the science for the problems in our daily life are exhibited in this exhibition. There is also a detailed explanation that is exhibited in the exhibition about the invention of many items regarding to the science. At present the details regarding the researches that are done by the scientists are mentioned in this exhibition and a special compartment is designed to know the changes in the weather which is attracting many people with all the live examples. The major role that is played by India in the scientific field is also displayed in this exhibition which is one of the major part in the exhibition. The doubts that arise for the students while reading the books in the classroom are solved if they visit this exhibition which explains with all the live examples to the students. The exhibition focuses on the important openings, present researches and solving the doubts of the students in this exhibition and competitions are been conducted by the society.

In our Country!!!
The science exhibition travels over 18000 KM in its third stage and stays for two to three days in each place and in the same way it travels over 56 stations and this journey completes by April 27 of 2010. The entry is free for all the people and there is no age limit to visit this exhibition but special importance is given for the students to develop their knowledge. This rail exhibition is designed keeping in view the 9th standard students. This rail exhibition travels in our country from January 16 to 3st in the paces like Kadapah, Guntur, Kakinada, Nellore and Vizainagaram for almost three days in each place. The timings of this exhibition are from 10am in the morning to 5pm in the evening. Research can be done in the areas like scientific, biology, physics in Joy of Science Hands on Lab in this exhibition. The students can form into a group and can research in this exhibition and the students had to apply for this research in advance by mailing to or can also contact the lab in charge in 09428405408 and can get the permission.