Secrets behind Mysterious Girl Shambavi | Shambhavi in Suryanandi Ashram

November 1st, 2009| News.

ShambhaviOn 26.10.2009, I went to MahaNandi to do the Poojas. Some of my friends from Nandyal told me that Shambhavi is there in Surya Nandi, Surya nandi is on the way of Nandyal-Mahanandi. So, they told me about the propaganda done by iTV, TV9, few days back. They also want to visit Shambavi, even though they have already seen her.

So, in return to Nandyal, we went to Surya nandi, which is 2 KMs away from the main road, is located in between green fields. The 2 kms way si kachcha road. Local people are saying that it is better than earlier it seems.

Shambhavi was in Ashram, which is made with bamboos. Shambhavi came after few minutes. She talked few words with her firend / care taker (I don’t know), regarding playing. She asked her care taker “Shall we play” in telugu language. Just after few minutes, care takers were suggested to Shambhavi to go inside. So, they went inside to Ashram.

And there are 2 men in that temple, who are telling the visitors about Shambavi’s greatness. But as I observed, Shambhavi is an innocent girl. According to local people, she was in Omkaram for 3 years, before coming to Suryanandi. Usharani is the main caretaker of the Shambhavi.

In my opinion, Shambhavi is a  girl,  loosing her childhood because of the situations created around her. She likes to play as all children. But restrictions are there around her to stop her childhood happiness.

And whatever she is saying about future, are nothing new. All those are there in Pothuloori Veera Brahmam Swamy’s KAALAGYNANAM. She read/ listened the KAALAGNANAM thouroughly. That much we can sure. She is talking few words only with visitors. Those few words are elaborating by the people in big way and spreading it in different ways as they are thinking.

I didn’t find any person in that local area, in such a way that they personally benefited well. Bt the 2 men in the Ashram are telling that Shambhavi cured THAT and THIS (which were not cured by Doctors), to the visitors.

So, some mystery is going behind that innocent girl. Some people are grabbing her childhood, for their benefits. And no one can stop the sentiment of people.

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