Self Serve 32 ATM | Hi-Tech ATMs Features | How to use Hi-Tech ATM Machine

September 22nd, 2012| News.
Hi tech ATM machine

Hi tech ATM machine

Chances are there for adding new features to the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) machines available in India .In view of latest technology  the new ATM  is having capability to receive up to 200 cash notes  and 30 cheques at one time, with envelop-less process. These ATMs can read the Contact-less card, updating of individual pass books, recognition of fake notes, scanning of plastic notes. Recently the SCR Corporation has informed that the latest systems are providing to the financial institutions and Banks. The SCR Corporation is Institution related to Technical organizations working in America as central office. This institution has designed Multi tasking machines and called as   “self serve 32” series ATM. In India 48,000 ATMs are functioning. Now this new technology machines demand is increasing day by day. This institution officials are contacting the Banks in this matter of practical demonstration of self serve “self serve 32”, ATM.

In the cities where the large scale transactions are found and this kind of machines will be introduced very shortly. The machine is available on reasonable rate. If the cost of the machine is compared with international market rate definitely this machine is less. The machine cost will be fixed on the services provided to the machine. As per the value this machine is useful to banks to gain good results.

In view of increasing necessities of customers the bankers having responsibility to increase the facilities. The new system is not a competitive one to the present ATMs which are functioning. There are no changes for the present systems. Further the available models of ATM services are also increased.

The users of Self service 32 series can be adjusted easily with this machine, since it is resemble to the present ATM machines. The deposit, withdrawal options are located on the same places in the new system also. This system was built in with 15 inches screen, with privacy filter. It is manufactured keeping in view of all safety measures.