Shambhavi, Usharani, Sowmyachari and their lawyer were attended for interrogation

November 26th, 2009| News.

shambhavi interagautionShambhavi, who is saying that Dalailama was her old friend in her Previous life, has came to RTO Office, Nandyal for interrogation, on 25.11.09.� This interrogation session started on 24.11.09 evening itself, but Usharani came alone on that day.And in the second day� interrogation, again Usharani stated that, because of Shambhavi unhealthy problems (How the goddess also got sick?), she couldn’t able to bring her for interaguation. But this time RTO Madhavilatha didn’t accept this.� So, after 6.30 pm on 25.11.09, Usharani, Shambhavi, Sowmyachari and their lawyer Durga Prasad were attended for interrogation. Officials are interrogated Shambhavi alone in a room. None of the others are allowed.

Lawyer Durga prasad announced that, they got phone call from Dalai Lama, that he is arriving Surya Nandi on 21.12.09. But RTO said that they didn’t have any official message from their higher officers.

Any how, poor Shambhavi is getting mental harassment due to this high drama. It happens in India, because of …………………….. (fill your ideas in comments)

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