Significance of Haleem made in Hyderabad | How is Haleem prepared and why is it so famous?

August 23rd, 2010| In India.

Significance of Haleem made in Hyderabad | How is Haleem prepared and why is it so famous?


Hyderabad means biryani and Ramzan means Haleem.  The people of Hyderabad are very attached to this Haleem.  Even Biryani is given second preference during this month.  This is actually a dish from Arabia.  But Iranians has adopted this dish.  Then it made Hyderabad its home.  We have Indianised this dish by adding our own spices.  Ramzan is going to start from 12th August.  Muslims fast during day time and take nutritious food in the evening.  Haleem is consumed not only by Muslims and by others also.  Haleem sales have already started this year.  The excitement of Haleem has started from the ‘jagnekiraat’.  The making and selling of Haleem has started very early this year, for those people, who cannot come to taste it during the busy Ramzan month.  The price is Rs.55 and it will continue to be Rs.55 till the end of Ramzan month.  Previous year Rs.65 was collected for a plate of Haleem which contains 100 percent meat, pure ghee and quality spices.   As the price of the meat has increased the price of Haleem may also increase to Rs.70 per plate.  Even foreigners love this dish.  Haleem will be sold all over Hyderabad with in two days.  There is a high demand for Haleem in Secunderabad, Paradise along with old city.  People come from surrounding districts to taste Haleem here.

The important ingredient in making of Haleem is Meat.  In big hotels, more than a quintal of meat is required per a day.  For this purpose, sheep are bought from the villages of Telangana region and kept in the farm houses of the hotels.  500 to 600 plates of Haleem can be made from one quintal of meat.

The meat is boiled for four hours in water.  Wheat and spices are added to this.  This mixture is stirred with big sticks.  Machines are also used for stirring.  But the lovers of Haleem prefer sticks and they say that the taste varies when machines are used.  300 to 350 grams of Haleem is given per plate.  Haleem is garnished with onion, pure ghee, lemon juice, coriander and mint leaves.  Haleem gives the maximum taste when consumed fresh and hot. The procedure of making Haleem starts from 4 am in the morning.  Haleem is made at least at 1000 places in Hyderabad.  The Haleem business does at least 100 crore rupees during this months.

Haleem exports

Haleem is being exported to other countries excluding Bangladesh and Pakistan by Pista house.  They are expecting an increase in exports this year.  Haleem is sold in more than 170 centers.  Three flavours meat, veg and sweet are available.  Beef, Fish haleem will also be introduced this year.  Family pack cost Rs.250.

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