Simple Preparation methods of Instant Sandwiches for your snacks / breakfast

December 2nd, 2009| News.
  • Cucumber sandwitchCucumber Sandwich:


Bread – 4 slices

Cream – 50gm

Cucumbers – 2(cut into slices)

Salt, black pepper powder –  1tsp

Puonise or butter – 1tsp

Preparation method: Roast the bread slices on the pan till golden brown. Add salt, black pepper powder, and butter to the cream and mix it well till all the ingredients come closer. Now take one roast bread slice and apply the cream mixture on it and put cucumber slices on it and again cover it with another bread slice and cut into the desired shape and serve. Yummy Cucumber Sandwich is now ready to eat.

  • Mixed Vegitable sandwitchMixed Vegetable Sandwich:


Lettuces or cabbage – 50gm

Tomatoes (big) – 2

Cucumber – 2

Onions – 2

Bread slices – 8

Butter – 25gm

Preparation: Finely chop the cabbage and cut the remaining vegetables (tomato, cucumber and onions) as slices and keep aside. Now the bread is to be toasted or fried in the pan by applying butter or ghee to it till it becomes golden brown. Next, Butter is to be applied on the bread slice and all the chopped slices of vegetables are to be placed on the top of the slice and are to be covered with another slice and is to be cut into sandwich. Now, tasty and spicy sandwich is ready to serve.

  • Egg Sandwich


Bread slices – 4

Boiled eggs – 2 (sliced)

Butter – ¼ cup

Salt – to taste

Black pepper powder – ¼  tsp

Chopped Lettuce or cabbage –  10gm

How to prepare: Butter is to be applied on one of the roasted bread slice and chopped cabbage, sliced egg is to be placed on its top. Now sprinkle pepper powder on it for additional taste and finally cover the whole mixture with another bread slice by applying butter to it and cut it as you like. Now, tasty and yummy Egg Sandwich is ready to serve.

  • Vegitable Cheese sandwitchVegetable cheese sandwich


Brinjal – 4

Tomatoes – 4

Cheese – 4 slices

Capsicum – 2

Bread – 4 slices

Mayonnaise or butter – ¼  cup

Salt, pepper powder – to taste

Chopped lettuce or cabbage –  ½ cup

Preparation: Brinjal , tomatoes and capsicum are to be sliced and grilled in the oven. Lettuce or cabbage is to be applied on the top of the bread slice on which butter is applied. Later on salt and pepper powder are to be sprinkled on the bread slice for taste. Cheese is to applied for other bread slice and is to be placed on its top and is to be cut into triangle shape and serve.

  • Paneer Potato sandwitchPaneer potato Sandwich


Bread slices – 4

Curd – 50ml

Potatoes – 2 medium sizes

Chopped cabbage, paneer, carrot – 1cup (all mixed)

Salt and pepper powder – for taste

Cream – 1tsp

Mustard seed paste – a little bit

Preparation: Curd is to be hanged by overnight in a cloth so that the water is drained. Potatoes are to be boiled and mashed and keep aside. Add the remaining chopped vegetables, salt and pepper into the potato mixture and mix it well till all the ingredients are mixed well. Finally apply this mixture on the bread slice and cover it with another slice and cut into desired shape.

  • Grilled Chicken sandwitchGrilled chicken Sandwich


Chicken breast – 2

Cabbage or lettuce – 50gm

Salt and pepper powder – a pinch

Butter – 25gm

Bread – 8 slices

How to prepare: Chicken is to be marinated by applying salt, pepper powder and lime juice for ½ hour and is to be grilled and chopped into small pieces and keep aside. The cabbage or Lettuce mixture, salt, pepper powder and butter are to be placed on the slice and are covered with another slice. Finally it is to be cut into a fine shape and serve.

Note: In order to prepare the sandwich bread is to be roasted and the name of the sandwich is changed according to the stuffing that is placed in between the slices.

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