SMS Services to obtain Income and residence proof certificates

October 31st, 2012| News.

SMS Services to obtain Income and residence proof certificates
In order to apply for the Income and residence proof certificates we need not to go to Mandal office because now the technology is advanced in such a way that by sending an SMS one can apply for the required certificates and can go to office to collect the certificates after completion of the whole process. The government is taking this concept into public so that they can reduce the problems like Brokers and corruption even it saves a lot of time in view of public.

* The CSC centers like Rajeev Internet Villages, E Seva, AP online and many more are playing a vital role in rendering the Human services. To utilize these services new software is installed and can get a new number from the cell phone service providers.
* The information regarding the applications and verification are stored in the internet for the reference of the customers and even the details for the delay of the process is to be clearly mentioned in the internet for the information of the individuals.
* The only thing the individual had to do is they had to send a sms regarding the services they wish to have to the respective department. After this process a confirmation number is sent to the mobile through which the next process like application fee, necessary papers etc; can be done and the process of application can be done even through approaching the Eseva offices.
* A message is been sent to the customer mobile from the government if the certificate is ready.
* The details of the applications are registered in the computer and sent to the respective offices and the process took some time to complete in which the respective papers are to be kept ready.
* Even the services like the fee details and many more are stored in the internet and sent to the mobile in order to lessen the authority of the mediators and even to get the application in time to the customers.
* In this way, nearly nine services are been rendered by the government for the convenience of the customers and after the complete project is over the mobile services came into light for the customers.