Special dishes for Dusshera | Siyyali, Rice sunnundalu, Milk ariselu, kaju barfi can be made on this festival Dusshera / Dasara

Special dishes for Dusshera | Siyyali, Rice sunnundalu, Milk ariselu, kaju barfi can be made on this festival Dusshera / Dasara



Ingredients: Moong dal, Sugar – ¼ kg each, ghee – 3 spoons, poppy seeds (gasagasaalu) – 2 spoons, Elachi – 4, grated coconut – 2 spoons and cashew nuts for garnishing.

Preparation: Soak moong dal in water.  Grind with sugar without adding sugar.  Cook this mixture on steam in an idli cooker.  Cut in to pieces after they become cool.  Heat ghee in a pan and fry cashew nuts and poppy seeds. Add the cooked moong  dal pieces and fry for 5 minutes.  Sprinkle elachi powder, grated coconut.  This remains fresh for two days.

Rice sunnundalu

Rice sunnundalu


Ingredients:  Parboiled rice – 2 cups, urad dal – ½ cup, Chana dal (Sanagapappu) – ½ cup, sugar – 21/2 cups, ghee as required.


Preparation:  Fry rice without oil till golden brown.  Also fry Urad dal and channa dal.  Grind all these in to a powder.  Powder the sugar also.  Mix the sugar and urad dal powder.  Make this powder into small adding required quantity of ghee.

Milk Ariselu

Milk Ariselu

Ingredients: Rice – 2 cups, jaggery – 1 cup, milk – as per requirement, elachi powder – ½ spoon and oil.

Preparation:  Soak rice overnight or for 6 hours.  Powder this rice.  Grate jaggery and mix with rice powder and milk.  Add elachi powder to it.  Heat oil in a pan.  Make round puris of this mixture and fry till golden brown.  These remain fresh for 4 days.  Sesame seeds and poppy seeds can also be added to the flour.

Kaju Barfi

Kaaju Burfi

Ingredients:  Raw milk – 1 cup, boiled Dalda – 1 cup, Cashew nuts – 1 cup, sugar – 2 cups, Maida – 1 cup.

Preparation:  Add maida and milk in a dish. Powder the sugar and cashew nuts.  Add this to maida mixture.  Take this mixture into a  thick bottomed pan and cook on slow flame.  Keep stirring.  When the mixture becomes hot keep adding dalda while stirring continuously.  When the mixture leaves the sides of the pan off the stove.  Take this mixture in to a plate and cut into pieces.

Sago laddoo

Sago laddoo


Ingredients: Sago (saggubiyyam) – 1 cup, sugar powder – ½ cup, ghee – ¼ cup, elachi powder – ½ spoon, almond, cashew nuts and kishmish – ¼ cup.

Preparation: Fry the sago till it changes colour.  When sago becomes cool, powder them and strain them.  Beat the ghee.  Add sugar and beat for some more time.  Add elachi powder, almond, kishmish, cashew nuts and sago powder.  Apply ghee to the hand and make small balls of the mixture.  Store them in an air tight container.

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