Special dishes for Vinayaka Chaviti | Preparaton of Senagapappu Undrallu, Palatalikalu, Wheat Ball Payasam, Stuffed Kajjikayalu and Pesara Kukumulu

September 10th, 2010| In India.

Special dishes for Vinayaka Chaviti | Preparaton of  Senagapappu Undrallu, Palatalikalu, Wheat Ball Payasam, Stuffed Kajjikayalu and Pesara Kukumulu

Most of the devotees must have decided what special dishes are to be made on the occasion of Vinayaka Chaviti. Traditional Undrallu, the favourite of Lord Ganesa are compulsorily made in every house hold.  Some more varieties of dishes are given here.

Senagapappu(Channa Dal)  Undrallu
Sanagapappu Undrallu
Ingredients: Rice Rawa – 4 cups, Channa Dal – ¼ kg, Salt as per requirement.

Preparation: Soak channa dal in water for two hours. Take water two times the quantity of Rawa and boil.  Add salt, channa dal and Rawa to water.  When the mixture is fully cooked off the stove and keep it aside.  After sometime, make small rounds of the mixture and cook on steam in an idli dish.  These can be served with Ginger pickle, Lemon pickle or Coconut pickle.

Stuffing KajjikayaluStuffed Kajjikayalu
Ingredients: Raw coconut grated – 2 cups, Jaggery – 1 cup, Rice flour – 2 cups, Cardamom powder – 1 spoon. Fried cashew – 3 spoons, Ghee – 2 spoons.

Preparation: Mix  a part of Jaggery in grated coconut and boil the mixture.  Add cardamom powder, fried casher pieces to it and keep aside.  Take two cups water in another bowl take the remaining jaggery and let it boil.  When the water is boiling, add rice flour and stir well.  When the mixture becomes cool make lemon sized rounds and  roll them like puris.  Stuff the jaggery, coconut mixture in to them and close the ending .  Apply ghee to the idli plates and cook them in idli cooker for ten minutes.

Pala ThalikaluPala Talikalu
Ingredients: Milk – ½ liter, Jaggery – ¼ kg, Rice flour – 1 ½ glass, grated coconut – 4 spoons, cardamom – 10, Cashew, Kishmish and Ghee.

Preparation: Add two glasses of water in rice flour and cook in cooker. After the dough becomes cool, keep the dough in a chakkilam gidde and press. The dough comes out like semiya.  Now take another vessel and boil milk and 1 ½ glasses of water.  Add the rice flour semiya and grated coconut.  When the mixture becomes thick, add cardamom powder.  Garnish with cashew and kishmish.

Goduma Undala PayasamWheat balls payasam
Ingredients: Wheat flour – 2 cups, grated jaggery – 2 cups, cashew, kishmish, ghee – 2 spoons.

Preparation: Mix water in wheat flour and make like a dough.  Make small balls out of it.   In another vessel take grated jaggery and water. Cook the syrup till one thread consistency. All the dough balls and cook for five minutes.  Take off from the stove.  Garnish with cashew and kishmish.

Pesara KudumuluPesara Kudumulu
Ingredients: Pesara pappu (Moong dal) – 1 cup, Rice flour – 2 cups, grated coconut – ½ cup, Jaggery – 1 cup.

Preparation : Wash moong dal.  Cook pesara pappu along with rice flour and water in a cooker.  When the dough becomes cool mix jaggery, grated coconut, cardamom power and make small rounds.  Cook these balls on steam in an idli cooker.

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