Special features of Bajaj Allianz Extra Health

December 12th, 2012| Finance.

Special features of Bajaj Allianz Extra Health

Bajaj Allianz is one of the best health policies that is introduced by the Insurance company to provide more insurance to the policy holders. The special features of Bajaj Allianz Extra health policy are as follows:

–More insurance with fewer premiums.

–The policy holder gets ten lakhs of health insurance just by paying Rs.2500 as the premium. But the policy is not at all responsible for covering all the medical expenses. The medical expenses are given to the amount which is above three lakhs of the treatment that is taken if the policy coverage is for ten lakhs. The first three lakhs burden is to be bear by the insurance company.

–If the policy holder do not have any other health policies except the Extra Care policy, he has to bear the burden of the first three lakhs that is spent on the medical expenses.

–For the three types of the policies sum assureds for 10, 12, 15 lakhs policies the company is not going to bear three lakhs for ten lakhs policy, four lakhs for twelve lakhs policy and five lakhs for the fifteen lakhs policy.

–The company is going to bear up to 50% of the claim that are covered for the medical tests and Rs.3000 which is used for the ambulance.

–The people who are eligible to apply for the policy are the children who are four months to 70 years old age people.

–It is said that this policy will be beneficial for the people who feel that there is more risk for their health though they are having three lakhs of the health coverage policy.