Special rituals that are performed at Shirdi Sai Baba Temple on Guru Pournima day

August 9th, 2010| In India.

Special rituals that are performed at Shirdi Sai Baba Temple on Guru Pournima day


Guru Pournima: It was the year 1909.  That day was Aashaada Suddha Pournami.  Devotees were sitting around Baba as usual.  One of the devotees Taatyasaaheb Noolkar (Laxman Krishnaji Noolkar) was also sitting there.  Instead of talking to him directly, Baba turned to Shyaama (Madhavarao Deshpande) and said ‘Syaama, to day is Guru Pournami.  Ask Taatyaa to worship that pillar’.  He also asked Shyaama to worship the pillar.  But Shyaama who was very close to Baba refused to do that. He said instead of the pillar they would worship Baba.  Baba could not refuse Shyaama.

All the devotees were very happy.  This news spread like a wild fire all over Shirdi.  There was festive mood everywhere.  Devotees like Dadasaheb Kelkar, Taatyaapatil Kote came running to Dwarakamai. New clothes and puja items were arranged.  (This information was extracted from a letter written by Taatyaanoolkar to Chandorkar) These celebrations which were started in the presence of Baba with his blessings are continued till today.  Presently Sai Sansthan Trust is celebrating this festival regularly.  The number of devotees who come to Shirdi raises to lakhs as against thousands in normal days.   Those three days there is festive atmosphere in Shirdi.

First day

The Guru Pournami celebrations start on Aashaadha Suddha Chaturdhasi.  The temple is opened at 04.30 am. After singing Kakada Aarthi,  the picture of Baba and Pothi (Book of History of Saibaba) are taken as a procession to Dwarakamai.  At the mosque the devotees start reading the book.  Daily rituals at Baba temple are performed as usual.  The Palanquin procession starts at 09.15 pm.  This is known as Sobhayathra.  Celebrations come to an end with the Shej Aarthi.  Dwarakamai will be opened all the night.  Devotees read SaiSatcharithra all the night.  Next day is Pournami.

Vyaasa Poornima

Second day also starts like previous day with Kakada Aarthi.  The devotees at Dwarakamai finish reading the Saisatcharithra.  Baba’s picture and Pothi are brought back in palanquin.  Daily rituals and worships are performed as usual.  04.30 pm to 06.30 pm is the time to sing Keertanas (songs).  A chariot is decorated with electrical bulbs and flowers.  Rathyatra starts at 09.15 pm.  Everybody chant the name of Saibaba. The temple will be opened all over the night.

Third Day

On Aashaada Suddha Padyami  there would be no Kakada Aarthi as the temple is kept open for the whole night of pournami.  Abhishekam will be performed. Rudraabhishekam will be performed at the Gurusthaanam.  Devotees will participate in the program ‘Dahihandi’.  The three day celebrations come to an end with the Shej Aarthi.  Sriramanavami and Viajaya Dasami are also celebrated here.  The temple will be kept open all the night on festive occasions.  On other days the  temple is closed after Shej Aarti.

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