What is the specialty of sherwani? | Best Sherwani Designs for RAMZAN

September 8th, 2010| In India.

What is the specialty of sherwani? |Best Sherwani Designs for RAMZAN

Hyderabad is different in its dressing style and language style. So we can recognize the Hyderabad people even if they are in a crowd of thousands people. The old city people will give the preference to the kurthas, sherwani and pyjamas in a traditional way. The people in the city wear the kurtha and pyjama in the daily routine without the difference in the religion and the difference between the rich and poor. They are available in many prices and the people who like sherwani say that the dressing is completed only when they wear a hat on their head. The use of the hats reduced in the time and the sherwanis are sold mostly in the thousands of garment shops in the old city. The people of old city say that the sherwani is the symbol of elderliness and respect. People of all ages can wear these dresses and there are ready made garments in the shops for the people of all ages. Few political leaders wear the sherwani daily and few others wear it occasionally. The police will respect the traditional festivals and they also wear the sherwani. The police department also enjoyed the lunch buffet in the city and they all attended in sherwanis for the festival feast.

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