Specialty of South India | Agriculture Is the Main Business in South India

September 26th, 2011| Travel.

South India

Pudicherry union territory is also present in South India group along with Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Region which is towards the south of Vindhya hills is called as South India. There are Narmada River and other rivers in the north of South India and Arabian Sea is present in the west. Indian sea and Bay of Bengal are there in the south and east directions of South India. Kanyakumari is the border of South India and Deccan lands in the middle of South India are the geographic features of South India. South Indians mainly talk the Dravidian languages but few people talk Konkani in some places. Many kings ruled South India and the main ones are Satavahanas, Andhra Ikshavas, Cholas, pandyas, Cheras, Chalukyas, Kutas and Vijayanagara kings etc. Agriculture is the main business in South India and income from agriculture is in the top position. Software is getting extended easily in South India and all the main Software services are being taken from South India. Film industry is also having more demand in South India and the films from South India are entertaining the people all over the world. People in South India are standing forward in the education and the average income per head is more in South India. Agriculture and educational fields are showing their specialty since more than 2000 years.

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