Sri Panchami | Saraswathi Puja | Education Starting Day

January 28th, 2010| News.

Sri Panchami

There are some of the festivals that are celebrated based on the changes that occur in the nature. Among such festivals the Sri Panchami is one and it is celebrated on the day of Magha Sudha Panchami which is a tradition for many years. This festive is also called as the Madana panchami, Vasantha panchami, Ratikama Damanotsavam and Saraswathi Jayanthi and this festival is a seasonal based one. This festival is said to be the welcome of the spring season as mentioned by the scriptures.

Saraswathi Puja

Among all the goddesses the saraswathi is the most powerful and if we worship that goddess on that day it gives us luck which is mentioned in the Brahma Vaivartha Puranam of Prakruthi Khandam. It is also said that this goddess is to be worshipped even in the form of Gadhadhara. Now a day’s almost all the people worship goddess Saraswathi, the lord of studies with full respect. On this day the children wake up early in the morning and wear yellow colored clothes and also wear hibiscus garland and put vermillion on the forehead. After that they go to the schools and worship the goddess Saraswathi with slokas by dancing and singing. They keep their books in front of the goddess idol and pray to give them good education and in the evening they take the idol as an exhibition on the roads and finally dip the idol in the lake or river. On this festive day both the children and parents do fasting and there is a belief that if the goddess saraswathi is worshipped with Molla flowers it gives us wealth. There is a particular that is to be chanted on this day which is very good for the children to get good education and it is also said that it is good to worship lord Vishnu and manmadha on this day. Vasanthadu is the lord of vasantha season is a satya god and kamudu is love god and kamudu is the best friend to kamudu. Rati Devi is the wife of kamudu. There is a belief that by worshipping vasanthudu we can get good crop for the future.

Education Starting Day

Sri Panchami is called as the education starting day according to Brahma Vaivartha puranam. On this day goddess saraswathi is been worshipped with full respect prayers are offered asking her to give good education for their future. Saraswathi mantra is been chanted on this day and also wear kavacham which is very powerful. People offer the items like pelalu, milk, sesame balls, sugarcane, rice, curd, honey, and many more to the goddess and after this they start studying. In Andhra Pradesh Basra is one of the famous place where the temple of goddess Saraswathi is been worshipped.


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