SSB interview analysis | List Tests conducted in SSB interview

January 17th, 2011| Jobs.

SSB interview analysis| List Tests conducted in SSB interview
The candidates those who had qualified the written exam which is CDSE had to face a difficult stage after that which is SSB interview. They will test the skills and braveness of the candidates through situation reaction test, thematic appreciation test, word association test and group test. The process will take five days and the candidates should know that it is in high standards.

Situation reaction test:
They will ask 60 questions based on some incidents and they should answer them in 30 minutes.

Thematic appreciation test:

They show the pictures to the candidates and they should write the story related with them in 36 minutes.

Word association test:
They will give 60 words to the candidates and they should write meaningful sentences with the 60 words by relating them. They are given only 15 seconds of time for every word.

Group test:
There will be planning, discussion and debates between 8 to 10 people with the given incidents or topics.

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