Stay safe from the H1 N1 flu (swine flu) which is spreading fast | Symptoms of swine flu

November 28th, 2012| Health, News.

Stay safe from the H1 N1 flu (swine flu) which is spreading fast| Symptoms of swine flu

Use kerchief or a cloth when you cough or sneeze. You should wash your hand regularly before and after you touch your nose/ eyes or mouth. Be away from the crowded places. Consult the doctor or health centre as soon as you notice flu symptoms. Stay at home only till your normal health is restored by following doctor�s advice.� If you have prolonged fever, cough with blood sometimes, inability to walk properly or your lips and skin turning to blue or purple color, recognize it as primary symptoms of swine flu and immediately consult a doctor or hospital.

You can follow the safety measure by avoiding shake hands, hugging and kissing or touching other parts while admiring. You should not split in the public places and should not take medicines on your own without consulting a doctor.

Symptoms of swine flu include fever, cough, throat swelling and difficulty in taking breath.

For more details Contact: Outbreak monitoring Cell or National Center for Communicable diseases.


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