Stepping Up – Benefit to the employees

March 27th, 2013| Jobs.

Stepping Up – Benefit to the employees

  • Actions are to be taken by PRC to remove differences in salaries
  • It is going to benefit one lakh teachers and one lakh constables

An employee joined in his job on 1st January 2000 and he got promotion on 10th October 2006. Another employee joined job on 3rd March of the same year. On March 3rd of 2008 the second person gets 8 years special grade scale through automatic advancement scheme (AAS) and gets promotion on 5th May. The first person is senior among the two. As on 1st July 2008, first person gets salary of Rs. 6,195 and the second person gets salary of Rs. 6,350 according to the present PRC. That means, junior is getting more salary than the senior.

A teacher appointed as NGT on 6th October 1987, gets 8 year special grade on 28th June 2003 under AAS. Since 8th PRC is not in force at that time, he got Rs. 6,950 as salary with increment according to the then effective FRC22 A (1). As on 1st July 2008, he got Rs. 11, 755 as salary. Another teacher appointed on 10th October 1987 gets 8 year special grade scale and promotions on 3rd July 2003 through AAS. His salary has been decided as Rs. 10, 845 with two increments according to FR 22 (B) since 8th PRC (July 1st) is in force by then. His salary is Rs. 12, 070 as on 1st July 2008. Though they have joined the job at the same time, they are different salaries because of differences in funding rules in AAS.

These kinds of differences are going to be removed in 9th PRC by stepping up. If there is more salary for the junior than the senior or if there are differences in the salaries between two persons even belonging to same cadre, the person with less salary will be given more as equal to the other. Finance ministry has made it clear that these differences have to be removed in 2010 pay scale reorganization, through the GO 52. It has also confirmed that the stepping up should be used only for the differences caused by AAS. Along with it, if there are same kind of differences after the enforcement of 9th PRC on 1st July 2008, stepping up can be used, according to the GO 96. Most of the employees benefited by this rule are teachers and constables. One lakh teachers and one lakh constables and different employees in various departments are going to get benefited.

Employees, who are facing the loss, should do….

Those employees, who have to face the loss according to the differences in salaries, have to check the service register (SR) of their juniors and same cadre employees. If there are differences, they have to be presented in front of related drawing officer. High salary employee should reorganize his/her salary with stepping up according to SR. Photo copies of both the employee’s service registers are to be sent to the sub treasury office to get approved.

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