Course Structure of Bachelor of Science from IIS

November 8th, 2010| Education.

Course Structure of Bachelor of Science from IIS

Indian Institute of Science (IISC) is the prestigious institute for research not only in India but also in the world.  C N Rao, Brahma Prakash, G N Ramachandran etc are the products of this institute.  Every student who wants to make research their career wants to study in this course.  Only Master’s degree course was available in this institute.  From next year a course in bachelors degree, Bachelor of Science (BS) is being introduced to develop interest in students in research and to provide candidates with the skills required by the job industry.  Qualification to join this course is Intermediate and there are many specialities in this course.  They are –

Name of the course if Bachelor of Science (BS).  Specializations offered are Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Materials, Mathematics, and Physics.  Medium of instruction will be English.  Duration of the course is 4 years (8 semesters).   Batch starts from 1st August, 2011.  Course will be completed by June 2015.  For more details candidates can visit www.


Course Structure

First three semesters: Classical, Scientific topics along with Mathematics and engineering basic principles will be taught in these semesters.  These are considered core subjects.  Importance will be given to teach the students through laboratory experiments.

Semesters (4, 5, and 6): Students have to choose a specialization after the first three semesters.  6 specializations are available for this purpose.  They are Biology, Chemistry, environment Science, Materials, Mathematics and Physics.  These are all interdisciplinary subjects.  All the students have to study 30% common syllabus in other specializations along with his own specialization.

Semesters (7, 8):  Seventh and eighth semesters are wholly devoted for project work.  As a part of the project, students have to answer the questions of experts basing on the knowledge and skills developed in the past three years.  They should also be able to explain the things to others.

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