Subject details in degree lecturer posts examination | Preparation tips to the candidate aspiring for degree lecturer posts

November 3rd, 2010| Jobs.

Subject details in degree lecturer posts examination | Preparation tips to the candidate aspiring for degree lecturer posts

The notification for the degree lecturer posts had been given and the online applications are also available. There will be objective written exam and interview is conducted for the post of degree lecturer.

Papers Questions Time Maximum marks
Part APaper 1 150 150 150
Paper 2 150 150 300
Part B 50
Total marks 500

Subject details:

Candidates should select one subject from English, commerce, economics, history, political science, mathematics, physics, botany, zoology and other subjects. They should select the subject in which they did post graduation.

  • Every subject is for 300 marks and so the knowledge of the candidate in the subject decides the success in that subject.
  • There are chances of asking the questions from other subjects in post graduation. They should concentrate on the subjects which are in graduation level and not there in PG level.
  • By observing the PG question papers, we can come to know that there is a need of having the knowledge of important issues.
  • Candidate should observe the changes in the PG syllabus in the past and present.
  • Candidates who worked in the junior/degree colleges will have more knowledge in the descriptive section. So they should have the knowledge on the objective questions also.
  • It is common to study the selective subjects in the PG level but it won’t work in these exams. They should study to the depth of the subject based on its importance.
  • It is better to depend on the universities books for the syllabus than to depend on various books of different authors.

General studies:

Even though the candidates are having more marks in the subjects, the marks in the general category are very important in succeeding in the exam.

  • Candidates who compete will study the depth the subject in the general studies to gain good marks.
  • D.L candidates will be busy in their works and they don’t even touch the general studies subject. At last they just look at the subject once, this behavior will bring loss.
  • Few people read only one book for general studies without knowing the syllabus covered in the book. In the last, they remain with fewer marks and so this point should be remembered to gain good marks. They should not depend on single book alone.
  • Candidates would be successful if they prepare the general studies subject in the civils standard.
  • The importance given to the subjects and categories in the group 1 exam should be considered and they should prepare general studies in the same way.
  • In the recent group 4 exam, the level of the questions was very high even though they mentioned it as tenth standard level. Candidates should remember that the questions in the general studies category were asked based on the group 1 and group 2 exams. So it is better for the candidates to prepare the issues related to the present and basic issues.
  • The level of various questions in different categories will be in the below mentioned way

History, politics (School level, Intermediate level, Degree level)

Geography, general science and economy (School level, Intermediate level)

  • Questions in the politics and economics will mostly depend on the present issues and they should revise the present issues related to the subjects also.
  • Questions in the last one year are asked in every exam conducted by APPSC. So they need to concentrate the current affairs and they should divide the subject and start the preparation from this moment.
  • They should study the national and international issues related to current affairs.
  • There is no need to prepare own notes when the candidates are preparing for D.L exam only. It is enough to gather the popular material in the market and study it.
  • In the first stage of the preparation for the general studies, they need to concentrate on the history, general science, politics and geography. After getting grip on these subjects they should study economics, current affairs and mental ability. They should concentrate more on the current affairs after the examination date is released.

Online application for degree lecturer posts:

It is new to the candidates aspiring for degree lecturer post to apply online. The online applications are available from October 28th, 2010 to November 27th, 2010. They should pay the fee or the exam before November 24th, 2010 only. For more details, visit: www.

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