Subjects in Law and Management Courses

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Subjects in Law and Management Courses

This program consists of the online and offset modules. There are two semesters and the course is completed in one year. There are five papers in this course. They are:

1)      Air Transport management paper 1

2)      Aviation Law part-1

3)      Air Transport Management part-2

4)      Aviation Law part-2

5)      Dissertation on the selected topic.

Each paper is presented by the international subject scholars and there consists of the Mac exercises and case study analysis in the onset sessions. After this, there will be the presentation of the online e-learning project assignments. Finally, there are the semester examinations and it is compulsory to attend for the onset sessions. Based on the talent of the students, there will be on job training in the UAE airport and airlines. The students had to bare the transportation, accommodation and other expenses. The visa is allotted for the students.