Subjects in VRO VRA Exam 2012

February 1st, 2012| Education.

Arithmetic Ability

Candidates should make use of this subject which is allotted 20 marks in the VRO VRA examination. There are only 12 aspects in this subject. One can attain 20 out of 20 marks in this section when he or she practices shortcut methods with command on formulas. For this, candidates need to focus on arithmetic syllabus of 6th, 7th and 8th classes. Book on Arithmetic in Telugu medium written by R.S.Agarwal will be of great use. Practice all the model questions given in this book. Within ten days, one can get command on this subject when planned properly.

Logical Reasoning

There will be a total of ten questions in VRO & VRA Exam from this topic. Easy topics are mentioned in this subject. Candidates need to understand the basic principle of these questions and should practice in that way. Model papers of bank exams will be of much use. R.S.Agarwal book on reasoning will also be useful. There is no need to go through all topics of this book. Only those which are mentioned in the VRO VRA exam syllabus are to be practiced with examples. There is no need to go for toughest questions in this book.

There is chance to get 2 to 3 questions from non verbal reasoning. It is enough to practice medium level tough questions for this section. Without wasting much time on the toughest questions, candidates need to practice more on easy questions. When practiced properly, one can attain ten out of ten marks in this section also.

Contemporary Topics

There is chance of getting 8 to 10 questions. For this section, go through all the major events of 2011- political, economical and social events. Another important aspect is 2011 population census calculations. Go through the census compulsorily. In the contemporary topics, financial poverty, inflation, social education, health, environment, etc are added. Get the latest information about IT, energy resources, projects, and other important aspects pertaining to state and the nation.

Less marks – more syllabus

The syllabus of history, geography, civics, economics, physics, chemistry and life sciences is more but the marks from this syllabus is less. Only 2 to 3 questions are given from each of these subjects in VRO & VRA exam. Hence it is enough to learn the important points pertaining to the standards till tenth class.

First concentrate on the limited syllabus of 80 marks and then go through the vast syllabus of 20 marks. When planned properly, anyone can emerge successfully in this VRO VRA Exam.

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