Subsidiary Alliance System was Introduced By Wellesley | Subsidiary Alliance System in India

September 29th, 2011| In India.

Subsidiary Alliance System

When the British ruled India, few people had played the important role of Governor General. Wellesley was one of Governor general and he worked as governor for Madras and Bengal during 1798- 1805. Subsidiary Alliance system which was implemented during the Wesley period had changed the condition of India. This was very helpful for British and the main aim of this system is to hand over the independent kingdoms in India. Subsidiary Alliance system is the agreement which is made between the independent kingdoms and British people. According to this, foreign operations of the princely states should be given to the British people. People should take the permission of British to talk to the other kingdom people. Independent kingdoms should not declare wars on their own and they should give some of their lands for the military of bigger kingdoms. Small kings should give money and British should be allowed to stay in their kingdom. Other European country people should not be appointed in their kingdoms and proper security should be provided for the British people.

British rule was extended in India due to the Subsidiary Alliance system and military in the local areas had been abolished. There was more control over the independent kingdoms and British people had established large military with the money from independent kingdoms. This alliance system also allowed to stop the extension of French Rule in India. With the help of this subsidiary system, many small regions were under the control of British people. Independence of Local kingdoms was curbed and British people used to interfere in all the issues of the kingdoms and they used to disturb the rule. As the salary of the British soldiers was more, local kingdoms should give more money. As the British soldiers were increased, local people who worked in the military in their local kingdoms were jobless.

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