Sufism was More Popular in India | Sufis are the Sub Division of Shias

September 30th, 2011| In India.


There were many rivalries in India by the time Sultan Kingdom was established in India. There were rivalries between the people after the division of them into Islam Shias and Sunnis. As the Delhi kings were Sultans and Sunnis, they used to support their people only. There was more number of rivalries in the Sindh and Multan regions. When there was Sultan rule in Delhi, Shias control was reduced. All the revolutions which were done by Shias had been failed and then, Sufi and deveshi were formed as the sub divisions of the shias. They were abandoned from the society as the revolutions done against Sultans failed. People used to consider the Sufis who were popular in Persia in tenth century as enemies and saints. So, Sufis used to lead their life secretly. Few of the Sufis formed Sufi Saint groups with the Sheer and Sheik names. People used to call them as ‘Fakirs’. Sufis used to exploit the people with different thoughts from the normal people and they used to exploit them with opposite views of the traditions. As the thoughts and speeches of Sufis were not different from the normal ones, they were more popular in India.