Summer Food to away from dehydration and Food for sunscreen

March 6th, 2013| Health, News.

Summer Food to away from dehydration and Food for sunscreen

The severity of the heat is increasing day by day during summer.  Though we try to be as much time as possible in the cool places and under the shadows, but once if we are exposed to the sun light our body becomes stress and dull.  The problem will be more and severe especially in case of the old age people.  By following some of the tips one can make this hot season into cool.

Away from Dehydration

Normally the salts that are lost from our body will be around 2 liters in normal heat.  However, if the sun heat is more than the count can be increased to 7 liters.  If proper care is not taken to bring back the lost salts of, the body there occurs the problem of Dehydration where in some cases it can be turned into a severe problem.  The necessary salts for the body like Potassium and Sodium are to be regained back to the body by taking the liquid food items like water, coconut water, salted buttermilk, limejuice, starch and so on are to be taken.  In the same way the soups are also highly portioned which gives instant energy to the body.   The soups that are made of Tomato and Cabbage increase the appetite.  The food items like Beans, Pulses, Banana, Dry fruits, Potato and Green Leafy vegetables especially the Spinach are to be taken in our daily diet so that the lack of potassium in the body is replaced.  The food that contains high quantity of sodium or milk, corn, banana, pulses, dry fruits and so on and it is very important to drink a lot of water after taking this food.

By using, the fatless butter in the preparation of salads consumes a lot of calcium by taking the fruit juices often the salt contents in the body are maintained in standards so that the problems like fainting, stress and so on are controlled.

Food for sunscreen

The food items which are in the color of Red, Yellow and Orange protects the skin from the Ultra Violet rays.  The A and C vitamins are more in the vegetables like Pumpkin, Carat, Tomato and Capsicum and on the other hand the salads which are made of Cucumber controls the heat in the body.  The cucumber had the power to main salt levels in the body though they are increased or decreased suddenly.