Summer ware Tips | How to dress up in Summer season?

March 8th, 2010| News.

Summer ware Tips | How to dress up in Summer season?

All costumes and all colors will not suit in summer season. So what to do in order to be fashionable in summer also? What costumes to select? The answer is to use natural fabric like cotton and khadi. Many people think that they are traditional. But fashion is also depicted in them.

This is the summer ware:

  • Select light color costumes as formal wear.
  • For corporate look, girls can wear skirts and shirts.
  • Printed Shirts, T-Shirts and ¾ pants are preferable for children.
  • It is better to prefer sneakers, sandals and cool-looking chapals to shoes.


Synthetic and polyester should not be used in summer. Natural fabrics will be better for the body since they are eco friendly. Many kinds like cotton, khadi, linen, mukh mal and others are available in the market. Khadi is no more a traditional ones, fashionable costumes are also available. All kinds of cotton materials, ready made dresses are available in the market. Pure Andhra cotton sarees are obtainable for ladies. Cotton shirts and pants are made available for men. While elders prefer plain cotton clothes, youth are attracted by printed, checks, striped cotton clothes.

Say no to dark colors:

Care should be taken in the color of the dress even cotton is selected. Every color doesn’t suit for summer dressing. It is better to avoid black, dark brown, green and other dark colors for usage in summer. It is because these dark colors attract more sunlight. Hence, it is better to select pastel colors. Suitable colors for summer clothing are baby pink, Fuschia pink, light orange, gold, Mari gold, aqua, lime green, light blue and violet. If dark color clothes are unavoidable, select light shades in it.

Medium fit is better:

Present trend is of fit dresses. But these fit dresses are not suitable in summer. Loose dresses make us look outdated.  Try not to go for too tight and too loose dresses. Better to select medium fit ones. Girls can wear medium fit dresses of chudidars, kurtas, and short kurtis as tops.  In case of bottoms, summer fitted linen trousers, cotton pants, lengthiness are to be selected. Light weight sarees are suitable than the heavier ones in summer. Gota Patti work can be selected. Cotton, Mangalagiri, cheerala cotton sarees will be superb in this summer. Boys can wear cotton shirts, short kurtis in summer.

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