Super Drinks that don’t give kick (AME, S Pellegrino, Valentino Royal, Queen Cha Cocktail, J and W, Fiesta Purple, Billabong wines)

March 13th, 2010| News.

Super Drinks that don’t give kick (AME, S Pellegrino, Valentino Royal, Queen Cha Cocktail, J and W, Fiesta Purple, Billabong wines)
Generally people thick that wine contains a large amount of alcohol, but there are wines which don’t contain alcohol. This is famous in foreign countries and now brought to Hyderabad. Along with apple juice, grape juice, mixed fruit juice, the sparkling water is also imported from foreign and made available here. These wines will attract the foreigners present in the city and to suit to the life style of the Indian who returned from foreign.

Drinks imported from Belgium, America, Sweden, Italy and other countries are available in the city. Though it is cocktail, it contains zero percent of alcohol in it. Let us know the specialties of those drinks:

AME is sparkling water. This is more refined than the mineral water. It will be nice to take it along alcohol or as a separate drink. Foreign people take this drink as an alternative to the wine. AME is made up of natural fruit juices and some kinds of herbals. AME is priced at Rs. 220.

S Pellegrino:
This is also sparkling water. It belongs to Italy and has worldwide fame. Specialty of Pellegrino is that its bottle looks like that of beer bottle. This company has centuries of experience in this field and the process of mineralization amazes everyone. It is because the water is treated in a natural procedure at 400 meters of depth under the ground. It even contains minerals like calcium, magnesium and others. It is priced at Rs. 170.

Valentino Royal:
Though it cocktail by name, it doesn’t contain alcohol. It can directly be taken since it is made of orange, grape juices and other fruit juices. Price of Valentino Royal is Rs. 185.

Queen Cha Cocktail:
It is of Belgium made. Queen Cha is available in red, blue and pink colors and is said to have no alcohol. But some preservatives are added in order to enhance taste and storage duration. It has a price tag of Rs. 185.

J and W:
It is sparkling apple juice. Children can also drink it directly. But the bottle shape will be like that of Champaign. J and W contain no alcohol since it is an energy drink. It is available at Rs. 295.

Fiesta Purple:
This is also a non-alcoholic cocktail. It is available in purple color bottle at Rs. 240.

This is the brand of an Australian Company which also produces non-alcoholic drinks. This company produces many juices including apple juice and grape juice.

Billabong wines:
It belongs to New Zealand. It is a sparkling fruit juice that doesn’t contain alcohol. It is available in red grapes and in other flavors also. It has good demand in cities. Common people also enjoy this non alcoholic wine since it is available in affordable price.

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