Sweets for Holi | Holi Sweets make colorful Holi day

February 26th, 2010| News.

Sweets for Holi | Holi Sweets make colorful Holi day

Carrot Chandrakala

Carrot Chandrakala


Maida flour          2 cups

Carrot pulp          1 ½ cup

Milk                     2 cups

Sugar                   2 cups

Elachi powder      a pinch

Ghee                   1 tsp

Oil                       to fry

Preparation: First of all Maida flour is to be mixed with water and make it into a paste and keep aside. Next take a bowl and add the milk and the carrot pulp and leave the mixture till it becomes heat. After the carrot mixtures is cooked well then add sugar and the elachi powder and let it leave for some time till it becomes a halwa. Keep aside the carrot halwa and now take the Maida mixture is to be taken into two balls one is the small and the other is the big one and are to be made into rotis. The carrot sweet is to be place in the big roti and it is to be covered with the small one and had to be pressed with the hand so that they both gets attached. The same is to be done for all the rotis. Now take the bowl and heat the oil and fry all the carrot stuffed rotis till they become golden brown in color. That’s all the yummy sweet Chandrakala is ready to serve hot.

Ginger Barfi


Grated ginger         2 cups

Gondh                    1 cup (it is available in the market)

Grated coconut      1 cup

Cashew, badam and raisins   1 cup a mixture of all

Ghee                      ½ cup

Jiggery                   2 cups

Method of Preparation: the ginger is to be made into a fine paste and is to be boiled till the mixture becomes soft. Take another bowl and fry the Gondh, badam and cashew and the raisins till they become golden brown and keep aside. Now take the grated jiggery and add some water and boil till the mixture becomes syrup and then add the rest of the ingredients like the ginger and the dry fruits mixture and cook till the whole mixture becomes halwa. Finally apply the ghee to the plate and spread the sweet on the plate and cut in to the desired shapes and serve. That’s all the ginger halwa is ready to serve.

Dahi Balls


Black gram           1 ½ cup

Curd                     1 cup

Jaggery                  ½ cup

Chili powder     1 tsp

Salt                       1 tsp

Tamarind pulp      ¼ cup

Vamu                    1 tsp

How to Prepare: the black gram is to be soaked in the water for 4 hrs and is to be made into a fine paste in the grinder or mixer. Then add the salt and vamu to the paste and fry them in the oil as small balls till they become golden brown in color. After the balls are fried, place them in the curd which is kept ready by adding salt in it. In the mean while the tamarind chutney is to be prepared by adding the tamarind pulp, vamu and jiggery and this chutney is to be poured on the top of the balls and finally sprinkle some chili powder. The yummy and tasty Dahi Balls are now ready to serve.

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