Swine Flu medicine (Oseltamivir) production by India Pharma Companies

August 30th, 2009| Health, News.

Swine Flu MAskSwine Flu is going to be favour for some pharma companies in India. Hetero Drugs is manufacturing the medicine Oseltamivir (Tamiflu generic medicine) which is using for Swine Flu medicine, with collaboration of Roshe (Swiss company). This is the only company in India, which is manufacturing this medicine. Central Government has purchased nearly 70-80 Crore value Oseltamivir tablets from Hetero Drugs. Even though there are some other pharma companies having the license to manufacture this drug, India government did not buy this medicine from others. Because, there is a restriction to retail sales in open market, these other companies are not initiated to manufacture this Oseltamivir medicine. But now the situations are changing. Government is getting ready to give permissions for retail sales of Oseltamivir.  So, 6 companies are getting opportunity to manufacture this Swine Flu medicine. So, these companies may get more profits in second half financial year.

Andhra Pradesh based company Natco, and other companies of Ranbaxy, Cipla, Slides, Arcolab can supply this Oseltamivir to retail market.  Due to fast growing Swine Flu, Government has fear that may spread the whole country, if we neglect it.Within 10-12 days, the orders may come. Then the companies will fix the rate of Rs.35 each tablet. Some companies may try to reduce the cost.

And the Indian government is planning to make this medicine as Schedule -H medicine. So, it can be available with doctor prescription only. Medical shops have to maintain the register, with details of how many Oseltamivir tablets are sold each day. So, these Oseltamivir tablets can not be sell for high rate in black market. If any one sell without any prescription, they will be punished. Similarly pharma companies also have to maintain the details of medicine production and sales. India does not have patent for Oseltamivir. Roshe has applied for the patent, but Patent office has rejected that application.

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