Swine Flu precations, prevention tips and Swine Flu Help

August 24th, 2012| Health.

Swine Flu is the present hot topic. Swine Flu is not a horrible disease to fear as the media is creating. Don’t scare about it. It is also normal disease. There are precautions and prevention tips. And there are medicines for treatment of Swine flu. So, don’t worry about Swine Flu. Follow small tips to avoid Swine Flu. Make a habit to wash your hands frequently, when you touch some one or some thing. This is a good habit, and this wil give good health as every one knows. Keep a handkerchief in ront of mouth, when you sneeze or cough. This is also not a special care, as this is normally doing by people. If you ae feeling cold, sneeze nose, slight body pains, take rest at home. Generally, for this type os signs, people don’t care this, and will attend their work. This is the thing you have to be bit care. So, take rest, have good sleep for 8 hours/day, which will increase your resistance power to fight against the flu. And if you are infected with swine flu, if you take the treatment within a week, in doctor’s observation, it will be cured immediately, and you can be able to do the normal duties after that. Eat fresh vegetables, whole grains and fruits which are having rich vitamins. Stop the Alcohol drinking. Half-an-hour brisk walk, 4 times in a week will keep your immune system in good position. Don’t worry about Swine Flu, be happy with small tips. For any further queries, post your doubts in the comment section.