Syllabus for JPA written exam

January 26th, 2011| Education.

Syllabus for JPA written exam
Questions will be based on the following topics in APGENCO written exam.
1. Thermal power stations: Basic details
• Layout and equipement: Boiler, economizer, super heater, air pre- heater, mills, P A Fan, FD fan, ID Fan
• Turbine – condenser , FW heaters
• Water treatment
• Electrostatic precipitator
• Coal plant
• Ash plant

2. Hydel power stations
• Layout and equipment: Trash rack, Surge rack, Pen stock, turbine, generator, transformer and Switch yard
• Symbols of various tools and tackles and their use
• Safety, fire prevention and house keeping procedures
• Precautions to be exercised while attending the following works – welding, grinding, cutting, filling, electrician job work, turning etc.