TA-65 invented by scientists to stop aging | TA-65 effectively rebuilds the shortened Telomeres

November 1st, 2010| News.

TA-65 invented by scientists to stop aging | TA-65 effectively rebuilds the shortened Telomeres

A youthful life without death has been the long cherished dream of human.  Very little could be achieved in this direction. An organization in America is claiming that they would increase the life span of a person to 125 years in the coming 25 years.

Nobody can predict the life span of any person.  Some people die at a very young age and some people are active ever after completing 100 years.  According to science theories, a person can live up to 125 years without many problems.  Unfortunately problems related to age are beginning around the age of 50 to 60 years.  Scientists were estimating from a long time that there is a relation between the age of a person and the length of the Telomere in the cells of the body.  They are name ‘Biological clocks’. Telomeres get shorter with each cell division.  A matter is discovery by an organization ‘Sierra Sciences’ for the first time in the world to rebuild the end of Telomeres to remain the same length with each new cell division.  This matter has been named ‘TA-65’.  This matte stimulates an enzyme.  It has been proved through researches that shortest Telomeres also became long with the usage of TA-65.    Research being conducted on this matter since 2002 and the results are encouraging.  TA-65 is an invention which will remain in the human history as this not only increases the life span but also stops aging.


Ta-65 not only stops aging but is also going to help in prevention of life threatening diseases like Cancer.  TA-65 also affects the immune system.  Telomeres get shortened due to some contagious diseases and TA-65 effectively controls this.  This is due to the continuous cell division of immunity cells.  TA-65 also prevents HIV from changing into AIDS.

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