Talking Dolls Museum in America |Talking Dolls Museum Houses Talking Dolls and Photos

October 12th, 2011| News.

Talking Dolls Museum

Talking dolls have been entertaining the audience since a long time.  A person keeps the talking doll in his lap and entertains the audience with his questions and answers.  Michelle Kentucky in America has a talking dolls museum which is the only one of its kind in the world.

Do you know how those toys are made to talk. The person who made to sit the doll in his lap only speaks like the doll as if the doll in the lap is speaking. But, it is a secret and not even seen by anyone. The main reason behind this is that person can talk without moving his lips and people can hear the sound. This is a kind of art which is called as Ventriloquism. There are these kinds of artists who give these kinds of programs all around the world. One person had collected all those kinds of toys which are used in those kinds of programs. Finally, that collection has reached to 750. With that huge collection, he had arranged a variety and colorful museum. The name of this museum in the Port Michel of America is Vent Haven.

William Shakespeare who collected these dolls and established a museum is fond of those kinds of programs from his childhood. He used to go to those kinds of programs and enjoyed a lot. After becoming elder, he even learnt that art and gave programs. Then, when he was 16 years of age, he used to collect those kinds of toys. He then arranged a museum with those Ventriloquism toys which are collected by him 116 years  back. The toys which are bubbly and stout will attract the people a lot. There are the toys which can do whistling, making bubbles and lighting the cigar and many more toys in that collection. There are toys which can imitate the great personality like Marlin Monroe. Besides the museum, there is even a library which explains about the artistic history of the toys which are used in the Ventriloquism art. Along with this, there are even photos of around 5000 which can entertain the visitors a lot.

Interesting Fact:

India bagged the first place in the world for the talking toys and also bagged a world record. Indusree who is one of the famous artists belonging to Karnataka has given an exhibition last year with a ten feet talking doll and made all the people to feel amazed and entertain.