Tata communication number to attain help from abroad | Validity time period of Tata Communications Calling Card

October 19th, 2012| News.

Validity time period of Tata Communications Calling Card.
The calling cards of Tata Communications do have 3 types of validity periods.
– One should use before Date: One must use their Tata Communications Global Calling Card for the first time usage. First one must enter the toll free along with their card number.
-Validity Period:
This is the period for which one�s card can be utilized to do calls after its �first usage�. The period will be mentioned on one�s card. Your card should be renewed when its validity so that one�s card carries forward for usage. Once the period ends then one cannot make any calls.
-Recharge Period:
-This is an extra period after the end of the validity period in which your Tata Communications Global Calling Card has to be renewed. If your card is not renewed within the recharge period the card becomes immoblile and can no longer be used. If the card is renewed during this period it can be used to make calls but the amount on one�s card is not carried forward and only the renewal value will be there.

Which number one need to dial in order to attain help from abroad?
-Dial the following access number to get customer care service help for a particular place one should enter one�s number on the card and type �9� to talk to customer service.
– Also, one can call any of the Customer care centre of the Tata communication for any data. For further enquiries, one has to type in the following website www. voiceservices.tatacommunications.com/new/access_no.jsp and browse through and email customercare.gcc@tatacommunications.com, so that some one can reach you and talk to you very soon.