TATA Indicom Broadband Service Router Tariffs

October 9th, 2012| Prices.

Mobile Broadband Service Router Tariff

It contains the listed plan details for Router.

Activation Fee: Activation fee is Rs.1000

Monthly Fee : Monthly fee will be Rs.6999 for 3 months subscription, whereas Rs.4500 PM for 6 months subscription and Rs.3000 PM for 9 months subscriptions.

Download limit : The download limit for 3 months subscription is 35GB, 15Gb for 6 months subscription and 10GB for 9 months subscriptions.

Security Deposit: Security Deposit is Rs.6999 for any subscription.

broadband router

Terms and Conditions:

1. The connection includes the installation of Router.

2. Security Deposit Rs.6999 should be deposited against cost of router.

3. The router should be returned to TATA indicom, when the customer cancels the connection.

4. The security deposit should be surrendered, if the connection is given up within the minimum hire duration also the security deposit is adjusted in the final bill.

5. Activation Fee of Rs.,1000 should be paid by customer.