Tata Steel Homes Rs.31,000|Low-Cost Houses Tata Steel

July 18th, 2011| In India, News.

Tata Steel Homes

Tata Steel is trying to construct small sized houses for poor people for the price of Rs.31,000 or 500 Euros. It has started pilot project to complete the construction of a house for this price, including the prices for walls, roof, doors and windows. Tata Steel is trying to implement such 30 pilot projects before December 2011, while by now itself (July 2011) construction of such homes is being carried out in West Bengal. Company wants to go for commercial construction of these low-cost houses across the nation from 2012.

According to Tata Steel Group director, these low-cost houses are of 20 square meters or 206 square feet and they won’t look like steel godowns. Company gave the details of these houses at Best Practices of Intellectual Property Management. Tata Steel is of the opinion to make changes to the house plans to suit the needs of different families belonging to different regions. Houses with more number of rooms will be useful for joint families. Such houses will be built in a space of 309 square feet or 30 square meters and the price of these houses will be below Rs.44,000 or 700 Euros. In the construction of houses, coconut fibers, bamboo and other types of fibers will be used. Tata Steel is making dealings with respective boards to use these items. Within one week, construction of these houses will be accomplished.

Intellectual property to Increase Income

Plans for managing intellectual properties are known since Kautilya’s Period of ancient India. If a company has special division for intellectual property, they can apply for patent regarding their special features. Tata Steel group director has attended thie meeting of Best Practices of Intellectual Property Management and has given the details of these low-cost houses. It is useful for companies to get patents. When a pharmaceutical company has patent regarding a particular drug, then the firms producing generic medicines for that drug, have to pay lots of money for that pharmaceutical company. Intellectual property will be very much helpful for obtaining profits.

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