Tele Interviews tips | Questions that are to be expected in Tele Interviews

April 7th, 2013| News.

Tele Interviews tips | Questions that are to be expected in Tele Interviews

In the process of recruitment, Tele Interview is the first stage of the filtering process.   This interview gives the primary estimation on the candidates who are applying for the jobs in the fields like IT, Marketing, Finance and so on.  To face this interview the applicants has to take care on some issues like

The HR department of the company estimates the candidate through the Telephonic Interview. The points that are estimated from the side of the HR are as follows:

-          Whether the candidate is eligible for personal interview or not?

-          Since telephone call is the first contact with the company with this, they estimate the candidate and his response to the call.

-          Based on this conversation, the company people will decide whether the candidate is eligible to call for an interview or not.

Along with the facilities through the telephonic interview, it even has some positive issues.  By keeping in view from the side of the organization perspective, they cannot estimate the candidate body language, like how the candidate is sitting, observing his confidence levels by seeing his eyes are not possible.

If we observe the candidate perspective, they have to take care on showing their confidence levels while talking.  There should not be any pronunciation mistakes while talking.

These are some of the tips that help the candidate to succeed in the telephonic interview:

-          The candidate should be available on the Mobile from the time he posted the resume until he got the information from the company.   The persons who are habituated to keep on changing the mobile numbers periodically have to take care on this issue.

-          When the candidate is in the important meeting, it is recommendable to keep his phone in silent mode instead of switching off his mobile. If a call came from the company then he has to send an SMS immediately to the company people.

-          It is better to attend the telephonic interview using a mobile in good working condition and in a pleasant place.

-          While attending the telephonic interview, the candidate should not take any suggestions from the friends or any other people. This shows an impact on his interview.

-           During their conversation, he should not do the things like eating chewing gum or drinking something or eating any other eatables.

-          The candidate has to take care on keeping all-important documents with him while attending the telephonic interview.

-          The Bio – data or CV that is sent to the company should be available at that time and that to updated ones.

-          Take care of keeping the very important things like Pen, Pencil, Calendar, White paper during the time of the interview.

-          Under any circumstances the candidate should not request to reschedule the interview, because it results that the company people thinks that the candidate do not have the seriousness on this job.

-          The candidate should react to the question without taking much time.  It is better to the answer question within 10 seconds.

-          The interviewer shows their willingness to listen the candidate answer in a clear and brief way instead of listening the explanatory answers.

-           It means that the candidate should not give the answers like Yes, No, Yeah instead he has to give straightforward and direct answers.

-          When the interviewers ask some questions then the candidate should not ask about the salary and promotions.  Instead, he has to talk about his goals and strengths.

Questions that are to be expected in Interviews

-          Most of the people tries to point out the work of the owner or commenting on the personal ideas of the company and tries to criticize the co employees and so on.  So that there is a chance of getting bad opinion on that candidate.  So that only the points that are helpful in the career guidance and for boosting their knowledge about the subject are to be mentioned.

-          It is not good to give exaggeratory answers and it is very important to give the information about your work profile and experience you had with the company and about your present position in the company is to be given.

-          The question of when to report for the job is to be answered during the time when we are newly joining the company.  Most of the people will be in the opinion that we can think about this question after getting a job.  When this question is asked their must a perfect answer.

-          Though the question introduce yourself seem to be very small and silly, the answer that is been given by him represents the self-confidence of the candidate. The introduction should not be as a by hearted lesson and the family matters are to be discussed and said by the candidate.  It is good not to mention about the hobbies like fishing, making friends and watching television and so on. The information about the educational qualifications, ranks secured, other certificates and extracurricular activities are to be mentioned.

-          Coming to the strengths and weakness of the candidate, it is better to say about the weaknesses first and that to in a very confidently. The issues like sensitiveness and so on can be said. It is better to avoid the qualities like short temper, lazy and so on. In the strengths, the points like positive attitude, hard working, time management, concentration, cure for learning, leadership qualities and so on are to be mentioned. All the above mentioned topics and points are to be said with full confidence and if is done…”A single phone call can change your life”!