The symbol of rupee finalization delay

June 28th, 2010| News.

The symbol of rupee finalization delay

rupee symbol

The cabinet had postponed the decision of changing the symbol of rupee. It has kept the decision of changing the symbol of rupee in pending as the changes of American dollar and British pound. The finance minister had asked the time to take the decision on changing the symbol rupee. They had declared that the symbol of rupee when changed will reflect the culture and tradition of India. So the finance minister called the people to send the designs and the selected design will be given 2.5 lakhs. The Indian government will own it as its property.

As the demand for Indian rupee had increased, there is a need to change the symbol of it. When the symbol is changed, the Indian rupee will be placed side of American dollar, Britain pound, Japan yen and euro. The experts are telling that it is not an easy job to design the symbol of rupee as it should be presented in mobiles, computer applications and internet. The design should not only represent the currency but it should reflect the country also. It is notable that the Russian people are searching for the symbol of ruble since 1990.

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