Things to be known and Important precautions to do MBBS degree in foreign countries? | Cost budget, fees and rules to be known to complete the Foreign MBBS degree

September 11th, 2010| Education.

Things to be known and Important precautions to do MBBS degree in foreign countries? | Cost budget, fees and rules to be known to complete the Foreign MBBS degree

The students who take the medicine group in the intermediate should get EAMCET rank below 4000 to continue their education towards the medicine field. The management seats are costly even in Andhra Pradesh or other states and they range in lakhs. And many students those who want to continue the education in the medicine field should stop their studies as it is costly. In the last years, the foreign country medicine courses are attracting the Indian students. The number of Indian students learning medicine course in the foreign countries is increasing. The students are considering the foreign medical courses which are the best option for the students who could not get better rank in the entrance exams. The students who are completing the medicine courses in foreign countries are qualifying the screening test along with getting the degree. It is very encouraging and the foreign countries medicine courses are improving step by step. In the past, it was difficult for the students to know the details of the colleges and courses in the foreign countries but now the foreign countries are inviting the students to learn the medicine courses. There are many countries in this list like china, Ukraine, Germany, Kirgizstan, Russia, Philippians etc. The students are given an opportunity to talk with the students studying there with the help of consultancies. By taking few precautions, the students can complete MBBS by studying abroad. They can take the degree and work in an honorable post of doctor and do their service to the public.

What should we know?

  • The students those who want to study abroad should decide the country and select the college in that country. They should select the college which is listed according to the countries by the world health organization. They should know the rules and requirements to join in the colleges. Website: . The colleges in the china country are listed in the website: www.
  • MCI permission:

They should get the permission of the Indian medicine committee before going to study in the abroad.

  • Rules for permission:
    1. They should be Indians.
    2. They should get 50% marks in the intermediate with the physics, biology and chemistry along with the English as one of the subjects.
    3. They should be of 17 years by the end of December same year.
  • Difference in the degrees:

There is no much difference between the degree in India and foreign countries. The students those who completed the course in the foreign countries should qualify the screening test conducted by the medical department to start the practice or get a job.

  • Screening test details:

This test is conducted to test the knowledge of the students who studied in the abroad in the Indian medicine. This exam is conducted by the national board of examination every year in the months of September and March. The exam will be in objective type. Those who could not pass this exam can attempt again. Those who are qualified are given a certificate which allows them to continue further studies or start practice. They will give the permanent license after completing the rules and regulations.

  • Is there any concession?

In the past, there was concession for the colleges in Nepal but at present all the students who studied in the abroad in any college should write this exam.

Important precautions:

  • The candidates should respect the laws of other country and they should understand the situations there.
  • They should ask the old students about the medium in which the class is taught.
  • Parents should know the details of the fee and the expenses in the country.
  • They should also know the details of the environment and arrange the clothes accordingly.
  • The candidates should know the food habits in that country and know whether Indian food is available.
  • It is better to take the life insurance and journey policy.

Passport details:

The students can get the passport by submitting their address proof, tenth & intermediate certificates and birth certificate. Those who want to get the passport very fast can book them through brokers in the website. www.

The birth certificate should be taken from the revenue office or municipality or register office.

Fee in the foreign countries:

Country Course duration Fee per year Equal Fee per year
Kirgizstan 4+1 year 220 dollars Rs.1.03 lakhs
China 4 ½ + 1 year 4200 – 4500 dollars Rs.1.97- 2.10 lakhs
Philippians, central America and Caribbean island 4 ½ + 1 year 4200- 4500 dollars Rs.1.97-2.35 lakhs
Russian countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Tajikistan, kajisthan) 6 years 3500 – 4000 dollars Rs.1.65-1.88 lakhs
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