Time Management with Cell Phone-Best Time Management Usage with Mobile

October 16th, 2011| News.

Time Management with Cell Phone

Many people say that they are not finding any time for studying, exercising or to learn new things. This is a common reason told by many people to postpone their works. Twenty four hours a day is same for any human being. But the person who properly utilizes the time is the winner. Properly utilizing the time is doing their work with good planning.

Traditional way of time management is to write the planning on a piece of paper with a pen. One may not have a pen and paper in their pockets always but now-a-days cell phone is found in every pocket. So it is better to maintain task to do list in the cell phone. Many such features have been now found in the mobiles. Mobile phones can be used as personal managers that remind us of the daily tasks. Applications that are suitable for smart phones are now available in plenty and some of them can be obtained for free of cost.

Evernotes is an application in which new ideas, planning notes, snap shots, recording can be stored. This application can also be used by connecting the phone to the computer. Evernotes is a free software. This can be used in android and black berry mobiles also.

Spring Pad is another application which can be downloaded into the mobile. This is also a free software. This can be used as a dairy. Tasks for the day can be noted down in this. There is a calendar and note book facility. This facility can also be used in Android and Blackberry phones.

Many free applications are also available for mobile handsets that work with Android Software. For example Taskos is an application that has voice recognition facility. Daily tasks can be stored in this along with the time. If the person forgets what task is to be done at a particular time, the phone will remind work that is assigned for that time. Dropbox, Jorte are also free applications of this type.

Personal Relationship Manager and Recall is an application that is used in Blackberry mobile phone. If the user meets somebody and stores the details of the person by describing his physical features, time they met etc., he can use this application to obtain the details after some days by searching with a key word. All the details will be displayed on the screen.

Many applications are now available in smart phones. Most of them can be downloaded for free. Other applications that have many more facilities are also available which can be bought online.

Not only Blackberry, IPhone or Android OS mobiles but basic models can also be utilized for time planning. Though basic phones do not have all the facilities available in smart phones, reminder and alarm facility in basic phones can be used for time management. Using a cell phone for time management is convenient. But this is only a technical convenience. Time management planning and following the same is a thing that depends on a person’s discretion.

A person should have an aim in life and a plan to achieve his target. He should also have a mind set to follow the plan and only then cell phone or other tools of time management can guarantee success in life. As said earlier twenty four hours a day is same for all the people and the cell phones in their hands are also same. The person who utilizes them properly is the winner.