Tiny CPU for Rs. 6000 only | India Smallest, Cheapest CPU for students can be connected to TV

May 12th, 2010| Prices.

Tiny CPU for Rs. 6000 only | India Smallest, Cheapest CPU for students can be connected to TV
Tiny CPU
A Hyderabad company called Eloca has designed a low cost CPU and yet to release in the market under  the name of Home Computer.  This is very small CPU all over the world and is designed totally by using the Indian technology.  The cost was decided to be Rs. 6000/-.  It has a warranty for a period of one year and keyboard and mouse will be given with free of cost.

Useful for students

This technology is very useful for the students those who are in 6th to 10 class.  The company said that the students can avail this offer through learning the Mathematics, Science and English lessons just by sitting at home.  To avail this facility an extra amount of Rs. 1000/- is to be paid.  The company said that the package is offered through pen drive.  The target of the company in the current financial year is to sell around 10 lakhs of CPUs.  To avail the internet services the company made an agreement with Beam Company and for the broadband services, it is making the talks with BSNL.

Working procedure

This CPU consists of four USB spots and among these three of them is connected to the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and can be used as a computer.  The fourth spot can be connected to any thing and can used for other purpose.

-          Even though there is no special monitor for this CPU the pins can be connected to the television and can be used as a computer.

-          The Monitor office applications like word, excel and power point, internet browser, file explorer, you tube, face book, web chat, photo viewer, photo editor, C programming, Video, Audio, USB printer, excess storage media via USB and many other facilities are there in this CPU.

-          For the functioning of the CPU 5 Watts of power is sufficient.  The internal memory capacity of CPU is 25 MB and can get an additional memory capacity through USB memory stick. The size of this CPU H26 X L127 X D85.All dimensions are in mm.

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