Tips to be followed in the old age | Lifestyle and food habits should be changed for good health in the old age

Tips to be followed in the old age | Lifestyle and food habits should be changed for good health in the old age


There will be self confidence if the people are financially aided in the old age. They should keep the money in safe and profitable way and they should take the health insurance policy compulsorily.  They should see the transactions of agreements, transfer of checks and power if attorney properly.

The health problems in the old age are different and the problems due to lifestyle and habits are different. They should be far from drinking, smoking and they should regularly undergo the medical tests. They should cultivate good habits and should take healthy food in less quantities. The lifestyle should be changed accordingly.

The thieves will attack more on the lonely old people and so they should not keep valuables in the home. They should not allow unknown people to enter inside the gate and the servants should be kept in work only if they believe. The phone number of nearby police station should be noted and more advanced security should be set up if they are good financially.

The technology is not difficult and they should learn the internet. They should pay the bills online and they can also maintain the stock market transactions. Sharing of thoughts can be done through blogging and mails.

If anything wrong happens against the normal issues, then it comes under the human rights commission. They can take the help of court and they can also consult human rights commission. The magistrate has the right to order the children to look after the parents under section 125.

There are help lines to share the worries and thoughts in the mind. They can talk openly in the programs conducted by heritage trust (040-23390000), (040-66202000) and there are other helplines also. There are special helplines for the women which are Ashmitha (040-27733745) and Bhumika (18004252908)

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