Some tips to please the Boss | Be in the good books of the Boss to get promotions and increments

October 24th, 2010| In India.

Some tips to please the Boss | Be in the good books of the Boss to get promotions and increments

An employee in an organization is very skilled and completes his projects on time.  But he does not know how to talk to people.  And he takes all unnecessary matters to the Boss.  Most of the matters are of no use to the Boss or the organization.  So he is unable to get increments and promotions.  Promotions are difficult to get if an employee is not in the good books of the Boss.  Experts are giving some tips to please the boss.

If a task is assigned which is not part of a project, it is not correct to say that it is not your work.  There may be many reasons behind assigning the work to you.  Boss may be expecting new results because a new person is going to do the work.  That work may have been assigned to you recognizing your capabilities.  Do not loose such opportunities.  Because, these may take you close to the Boss.

If the work could not be completed within time take the matter to the boss.  Give valid reasons.  Request him to give some more time.  Do not give reasons like head ache or pressure at home for not finishing the work.  Such things may damage the career.

Do not ever try to involve others when the boss finds faults with the work.  Try to correct the mistakes.  Do not lose patience when somebody makes false allegations. Valuable time will be wasted by confronting them.

Analyze a matter which was said by the boss in all angles before rejecting it. Do not slip the tongue before colleagues.  Someday, one of them may become a boss. Good leader is the one who leads the team in the guidance of the Boss.

Pleasing the Boss

Getting appreciation from the Boss for the work done helps to the professional life.  Promotions are possible with the respect one has for the profession.  Do not lose self respect even when there are pressures.

  • Share the ideas with the higher authorities or the boss, which helps for the benefit of the organization and to reach goals on time.
  • Listen to the boss attentively and follow his suggestions.  Understanding the angle of the boss may help you to become a team leader in future.
  • Do not share rumours with others. Do not be a part of them.
  • Maintain good relations with the colleagues. Everybody will speak well of you when the boss enquires about you.
  • Mingle with all the people so that they can be of some help in your work.  This can help you to complete the targets on time and their by getting appreciation from the Boss.
  • Do not lose any opportunity to co operate with the Boss.  Take additional responsibilities if required and complete the tasks.
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