Tips for CAT preparation | Utilizing the time and selecting the right options in CAT

November 28th, 2010| Education.

Tips for CAT preparation | Utilizing the time and selecting the right options in CAT
There are three categories which the candidate should concentrate to get a rank in CAT exam.

Verbal ability in CAT:
The number of questions has been reduced to 25 from 2006 and the candidates should be accurate in order to get the rank.

  • There are two main groups in this section, which are English usage (sentence correction, paragraph completion and parajumbles etc) and reading comprehension.
  • Candidates should start with the questions easy questions and they should keep the difficult questions aside. The cut off marks for IIM selection is 25 and it is enough to attempt 13 questions to get that marks. They can score 52 marks if they attempt half the number of questions. The cut off marks for the IIM in 2007 is 25 and it is enough to attempt 13 questions correctly to get these marks. To get 25 marks, they should attempt 8 questions correctly. So 32% of the questions will be correct and there will be no problem if the remaining five are wrong.
  • They should study general grammar and idioms. They should check whether the given sentence is correct or wrong with the English knowledge which we use daily. By doing this, they can select the easy questions and they can select them first.
  • They should use some logic while doing the parajumbles and in the same way, they should think which will suit to make the ending.
  • They will give three or four passages in the reading comprehension and they are asked to write two or three respectively. They should select the easy one so that they can know the idea of the passage.
  • If there is no need of interpretation, then it is better to attempt the questions which are based on the fact.
  • They should review the question before selecting an option and then select the option.

Logical reasoning and data interpretation:

  • The data interpretation is normally difficult and only few students will be able to answer all the sets. We should see that the marks are not less than the cut off.
  • If the students wish to join in IIM, it is not enough if only cut off marks are scored but they should get good score in the part in which they are strong.
  • They should select the correct answer to reach the goal.
  • The time assigned for this division is very important factor and it should be less than 1/3rd of the total time given for the exam. They would get good score if they give more time to English and comprehension portions. It is better to keep the cutoff as the clearance in this section.
  • The main advantage in this part is to select the correct set and in fact, the CAT paper won’t be tough and at the same time it is not easy. They should spare ten minutes time to read this part and they should not think that they had wasted the time by reading all the sets. This is the investment in the exam and so they should read all the sets. They should not take by choice and if they do so, luck plays the game.
  • It is not good to fix to the same set and it is better to strive with all the sets in the exam, which would be profitable. It is better to be practical and the candidates should move on to the next question when one question is taking more time.
  • There will be more surprises in the CAT exam and they should be prepared for it. It is better to be ready for the risk as the simple questions may be confusing some times which means that they should not cross the comfort zone.

Time management:
They should concentrate on the topic and they should manage the time properly. They should have grip on the topics and to get good results, they should follow the ratio of 80:20. The theory can be related to anything and the result will be according to the hard work. There are few more management principles along with these tips, which are like reducing the time wastage to utilize the time completely and they should set the goal mainly. They should overcome the obstacles and should not postpone the tasks to be done. The preparation schedule should be secretive and then they can get good results.

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