Tips for decorating the house on Diwali-Flowers, candles decoration for Diwali

October 25th, 2011| News.

Diwali Decorations in Home

Diwali Decorations in Home

Diwali home decoration

On Diwali day people  decorate their houses with lamps to welcome Goddess Lakshmi.  Using earthen lamps is the traditional way of decorating the houses.  Houses can also be decorated with candles, flowers, small bells etc. Here are few tips for decorating the houses on Diwali.

  • Diwali decorations

    Diwali decorations

    To beautifully arrange decorative candles and lamps, waste tins can be used.  Wrap a paper around the tins to make them special cancel holders.  Keep candles on them and place in the living room.  Decorate the garden with candles.  Arrange lamps on the walls of the garden.  Candle holders can be hanged in the garden.  Aroma candles kept in the house can be very pleasant.  Floating lamps and candles also double the beauty of the house.

  • Decorating the houses with flowers on Diwali will keep the house beautiful as well as fragrant. Flowers can be used to decorate the railings, handles and door frames.  String lights  can be wrapped around garlands. Pour water in a glass container and keep all types of fragrant flowers in it. Keep this arrangement in the living room.
  • Diwali home decoration

    Diwali home decoration

    It is not possible to decorate the front of the doors with Rangoli in the apartments with chalk powder even during Diwali.  So use chalk pieces to draw Rangoli.  Use flower petals and leaves to decorate the Rangoli.  Keep a lamp on the Rangoli.

  • Big trees in the gardens can be decorated with string lights.  String lights and flowers can be wrapping around the pillars.
  • Change the cushions and curtains in the house to bring festive look to the house.  Door frames can be decorated with small bells and mirrors.
  • Those who cannot draw Rangoli for Diwali can buy readymade stencils of lamps, gods and flowers.  Stick them to the ground and sprinkle gold or silver color powder.

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