Tips for Bride’s Beautiful hair and Shining skin tone

April 10th, 2010| Health, Prices.

Tips for Bride’s Beautiful hair and Shining skin tone

For Beautiful Hair

It is very important to spend some time to have a beautiful hair. Do the massage for the hair with the oil before going for the head bath and after some time apply the mixture of the honey and the olive oil for the hair and keep the shower cap. Leave it for half an hour and do the head bath. Later on apply the conditioner by mixing the fruit pulp and wash it after 10min. apply the henna once in a week and apply the coffee decoction for the hair to the dry hair and wash the hair with mild hot water. Then the hair becomes shining and beautiful with a new look.

For Shining Skin Tone

It is better to choose the branded face wash, scrub, toner, night cream, body lotion, make up remover, face masks and so on. Moisture is very important for the skin and mix one cup of milk or honey in the water when bathing and by this the skin becomes smooth and fresh if it is done once in a week. As summer is the season for the jasmines, mix handful of jasmine flowers in the water and have the bath which makes the body fresh and scented. There is no need to use the perfume in addition. By doing the steaming the skin pores becomes widen and the skin becomes glow and shiny.