Tips for Bride’s Beautiful hands and legs, elbows and Tips to reduce stress

April 11th, 2010| Health.

Tips for Bride’s Beautiful hands and legs, elbows and Tips to reduce stress

For Beautiful hands and legs

Rub the hands and legs with the pumis stone during the night time for the dry skin and later on apply the moisturizer, petroleum jelly or glycerin,   then apply the gloves or a sock which makes the skin soft and smooth.  In the same way massage the nails using the badam oil which is mild hot makes the nails healthy.  Another method is doing pedicure in the house.  The processes of pedicure is place the legs in the hot water which is mixed with shampoo and rub with the pumis stone so that the dead skin is removed and finally apply the branded foot cream.

Care for elbows

Most of the people do not concentrate on the beauty of elbows which results in the hands looks beautiful and the elbows becomes pale and dull.  In order to get rid of this problem mix two spoons of olive oil for one forth cup of sugar and massage for half an hour and wash. There will be good result even by applying the lemon juice which is mixed with salt.  After washing the elbows with water apply the Vaseline and to get the best result perform this action for ten days without fail.

Tips to reduce stress

In order to get relief from the stress and tensions like reduce weight and looking special during the time of marriage and so on results in the dullness and inactiveness of the body physically and mentally.  That is the reason why one has to look after the alternatives to get rid of the stress.  The tips like reading books, listening to music and spending time with the family members controls the stress and one can change the atmosphere into pleasant by spending time with the friends and going to the parties

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