Tips for Engineering college selection | Important points to be considered before joining in an Engineering college

July 22nd, 2010| Education.

Tips for Engineering college selection | Important points to be considered before joining in an Engineering college

It would be difficult to get the seat in expected colleges when the entrance exam rank crosses 10000 or above in the case of engineering. At that time we would not know where to join and how to select the engineering college. Here are some tips. This is the main phase for a student to study engineering and this is the point where student studies for 4 years. The selection should be done keeping three points in mind. They are value of the degree, college environment and job opportunities.

Value of the degree:

We need to see to that the certificate given by engineering college is registered or not. We need to consider the following tings in this case.

  • We need to check whether the university giving the certificates is registered or not as many false universities are rising. The information about false universities is given by university grants commission and visit /inside/fakealerts.html. Other aspect is to check whether the engineering college is registered under AICTE or not. Visit this site for details

College environment:

The information of engineering college is very important as we need to study four years and fulfill our dreams. We need to learn the discipline and knowledge which is helpful for our future. We need to consider the following points.

  • Faculty:

Faculty is the people who teach us and we should not stop by seeing the names of the faculty in the brochure. In few cases, the names are only for the brochures and they may not teach in the college in the mentioned department. We need to enquire and confirm that they are teaching or not.

  • Campus:

We need to visit the college and check the campus. We need to see the class rooms and labs. We need to check the equipment in the labs and see to that they are being used while learning. If the machines are neat and look as if they are brought from showroom then confirm that they are not used.

  • Environment:

We need to check the environment of the college before joining in it as we need to spend 8 hours per day for the coming 4 years. We need to collect the details of classes whether they are regular or not, faculty is teaching or not etc. we need to see that whether the management is creating an atmosphere to study or not. The seniors who are studying there presently will help us.

  • Accreditation:

Most of the engineering colleges will apply for national accreditation and see the details of the college which you selected in the website:

Job opportunities:

This is another important factor in selecting a college and we need to know whether the college is helping us in obtaining a job or not. We need to consider the following factors

In selecting a college.

  • Training and placement officer (TPO) :

Most of the engineering colleges appoint a TPO and we need to know the details of the advancement of this section in the previous year. And how it helped to obtain jobs and how many got the jobs.

  • Placement rate:

Most of the colleges say that there is 100% placement and it gives the details of the companies which conducted the placements. We need to know the details and information about the number of people obtained the jobs.

  • Career programs:

We need to see that how many students joined in MBA, MS etc for higher studies after studying in this college. This is also a good point in selecting the college.

  • Involvement of the management in job opportunities:

We need to consider the involvement of the college management in helping the students to grab the jobs. We need to see that other programs which help the students to train for the placements are done or not. The college should not provide only education; it has to provide the training which is helpful in getting job.

So we need to consider the selection process of the college as an important point in the engineering phase. We need to select the college keeping these points in mind so that we will have a bright future.