Tips to be followed in the selection of branch in engineering course | Importance of electrical and electronics engineering branch

July 31st, 2010| Education.

Tips to be followed in the selection of branch in engineering  course | Importance of electrical and electronics engineering branch

Selection of engineering branch is a very difficult necessity.  Every year a new branch is popular.  Some candidates select a branch where better placements opportunities are there.  Earlier placements for computer branch were plenty.  So every one used to prefer that.  The demand for ECE branch increased because of recession.  Along with the branch a good college also has to be selected.  Some colleges have brand image for some branches.  If civil branch is good in some colleges, ECE is good in other colleges.  Even when the college has good reputation, if the faculty for certain branch is not up to the standards, there is no use in joining such colleges.  Faculty should have research and PhD qualifications.  Find it out personally.  Also check the performance of the students of the college in exams like GATE.  Another important thing to be considered is basic amenities.  Not the buildings but labs.  Find out from the seniors about labs and library.  It is better to select a college which has NBA accreditation.  Accreditation is given depending on the amenities provided like library, lab and faculty. Candidates from these colleges have a preference in the job market.  Select a core branch.  One can shift to other fields later.  If computer branch is selected, one has to look up for a job in software field.  If ECE branch is chosen, one can change to software afterwards.  Earlier there was heavy competition for CSE and IT.  Now the craze is for ECE branch.  The latest trends are ECE, Computer science, EEE then mechanical.  Many Government organizations are giving preference to Mechanical Engineering.  Now candidates are choosing Civil also.  Before selecting a branch, find out the details like opportunities for higher education and salaries paid in that field.  Finally branch is not important, the knowledge gained is important.  Team work, communication skills are also important.  Be a topper in the selected branch.  Many opportunities will come in the way.

Oldest branch in Engineering

EEE branch will be there till the end of the world.  Jobs will come searching for those candidates who finish this course.  As there are many electricity projects coming up world over, there are endless opportunities in Government and Private sectors (AP GENCO, TRANSCO) for engineers of this branch.  Many private companies are giving preference to EEE engineers these engineers are important for the existence and maintenance of the company. Defence field also needs the services of these Engineers.  Jobs are available in this field with attractive salaries.

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